Welcome to my page, where we promote one’s rising from the ashes and bursting into the fire that influences change. I hope we can all lift one another to be something much greater than we ever dreamed of- this is Lifting Liz!


I focus on the Paleo lifestyle, whole food nutrition, exercise and am on my way to a dramatic body transformation working with my trainer, Stasi Longo, to get my body tight, toned and perfect! My goal is to prove that you don’t need weight loss surgery or plastic surgery to have the body of your dreams, just the mindset and the willingness to work hard. The question is, can I accomplish this? Can I have a body that doesn’t shake, a body that is solid, a body that I am proud of? Only time will tell, so please, take this journey alongside me to find out just how far a fat to fit person can go!

My nutrition journey started when I read It Starts With Food back in 2013. I tried some of the Well Fed recipes, enjoyed them, but didn’t excel or take any of the information too seriously, I just figured it was another diet to try. Remember, it was only a start, a little baby stepping stone into a world that 3 years later would become my life! 🙂 3 years ago, I was looking at weight loss primarily, not being healthy. Now, I know that being healthy will create weight loss, a weight loss that will last a lifetime.

My rock bottom was being 310 lbs, hiding under lose and drabby clothes, not exercising, and not feeling healthy or in control. Not to mention, I experienced, for the first time ever, needing a seat belt extender on a plane! The reality was right in front of my face and in the the extra 12 inches of seat belt in my hand… I knew that it was time to make a serious change and I knew exactly how to do it. All I needed was 1. Commitment and 2. Motivation, and of course, eating only meat, vegetables, healthy fats, and fruit. Before my successful and consistent last 5 months, I was on and off Paleo for nearly a year! It is not going to be easy until you let your mind know you are ready to kick some major butt. Then, the diet becomes second nature. I couldn’t sink my teeth into it and it felt so hard to sustain for a whole year. It seemed as though the 160 lb girl from the past was no more than a ghost, a facade of someone… something I used to be. How could I ever achieve such greatness again?


After going to Vegas and looking through the photos,


I decided enough was enough. I was finally ready to change my life, forever. 2013 was the start of something that I would find 3 years later to be my forever lifestyle change. I am a completely different person than I was 5 months ago. I don’t know what that exact something was that motivated me, but something just changed within me.I was prepared mentally to change my life and suddenly, Paleo became easy. One day went by… one week… two months and on and before I knew it, I was living and breathing the Paleo lifestyle. It is all in your head, you need to rise up above your doubts to successfully achieve your diet and fitness goals and that’s exactly what I did. Other than changing my diet,I have increased my cardio and have lost a total of 50 lbs.I want more…

I want muscle, I want lean, I want strength. 


.. what other person to help me but the trainer who helped me transform my body nearly a decade ago: Stasi Longo.

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